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ConsultingR&V InsurancesBerlin & Wiesbaden

Rethinking insurance for the future of mobility

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Since its founding in 1922, R+V has grown into one of Germany's leading and most successful insurers, with more than 8 million customers. In 2016, R+V approached PEAK to design an internal innovation program to develop insurance options for the world of connected cars.


In a series of workshops over the course of 6 months, PEAK helped R+V train a team of 6 hand-picked employees to work with the mindset and methodologies of a startup.

The objective was clear: R+V wanted to groom a team of its employees to innovate in the area of connected cars. PEAK helped develop a program to achieve this goal and prepare the company to meet the future.

We began with a number of strategic workshops in Berlin, then stayed connected with the team in Wiesbaden during the intensive kick-off phase via remote Google Hangout sessions. All throughout, our team of innovation specialists provided guidance to the team of highly engaged and curious innovation novices.

We brought together a team of design thinkers, business model experts and IT geeks who were united in their striving for innovation. They were all involved right from the beginning, contributing their individual expertise to design the program in the most efficient way.

We also involved experts from actual, successful startups (blockchain, IOT) in the workshops. They shared insights from their fields of expertise and provided feedback on the R+V team’s ideas.

We knew we had achieved our goal when we saw the team deftly working with their new tools and skills, developing ideas independently and feeding them back into the organization. 

Project Review R+V Insurances
Finding the appropriate business model can be quite challenging
One tool to rule them all: The business model canvas
Our specialist for connected cars, Design Strategist Enrique Gallar
Work needs to be productive, but it also needs to be fun
Great folks: Verena, Tim, Marcel, Stefan, Matthias and Yves from R+V
Sebastian explaining his approach to finding the right business model
Having an open space is crucial when it comes to innovation workshops
These guys can come up with brilliant ideas in all positions: Standing, sitting, lying ...